The company and it's mission

A tradition that started a long time ago

beating gold

The art of beating real gold, already practiced over five 5000 years ago, was accompanied, from the late nineteenth century onwards, by the beating of other metals, among which were brass (gold imitation), aluminium (imitation silver) and copper.

Using exactly this technique, in 1928, Nazionale Battitura Metalli was quickly established in Robecco sul Naviglio by Luigi Masserini, and over the years, has continuously invested in research and development.Even today, the company's owners continue to confront the challenges of the marketplace with just the right balance between technology and tradition: this allows the Company to offer products that are unique in the marketplace, both in terms of the quality and variety of types.

Thanks to the initial intuition of the founder, and through the use of specially designed and patented high-tech equipment, plus its highly qualified personnel, Nazionale Battitura Metalli now supplies exclusive production around the world, and can guarantee the highest quality needed in more than eighty countries in every continent .The main product is leaf:imitation gold and imitation silver.Imagination, research and attention to market demands have been combined, and derivatives have enabled the creation of new applications, as always, with extraordinary results.

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20087 Robecco sul Naviglio (Milano)
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