Metal beaten leaf

Precious metals

gold leaf

The most ancient wrought metals are undoubtedly gold and pure silver, or alloys of both of them: their malleability allows the production of leaves with a thickness of about 0.1 μ.Alloys of gold and silver combined with other noble metals give rise to coloured leaves with vastly different physical properties.

Thanks to their low tendency towards oxidation, high gold content alloys are indicated for applications that come into contact with the external environment or with a particularly aggressive environment, such as a marine environment.

Base metals.

metallic alloys

These products are obtained by beating metal alloys based on copper and zinc (similori) or aluminium, to obtain leaves with a thickness of about 0.3 μ.Normally apply using water glues or so-called fat glues, they are also referred to as "missions", on specially prepared surfaces.

Generally, these are sensitive to UV radiation, moisture and temperature: we recommend that you store them in their original packaging, protected from direct sunlight at an ambient temperature of about 18-23 ° C.

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