The leaf packs has different wrappers, based on specific user requirements.

Specifically, Nazionale Battitura Metalli in Robecco sul Naviglio, in the province of Milan, offers packs of leaves in:

  • Box: contains 50 or 100 leaves superimposed and spaced with tissue paper, the first with packs of 250 leaves for a total of 5,000 per box, the other in packs of 500 leaves with a total of 10,000 leaves per box;
  • Libretto: usually contains 25 leaves arranged in the pages of a booklet of tissue papers;
  • Decals: usually contains 25 leaves arranged as the pages of a booklet of tissue paper, but the foil is lightly attached to an adhesive tissue before being inserted into the booklet;
  • Rolls: individual leaves are laid down one after the other, overlapping by a few millimetres, on a slightly adhesive tissue paper support and simultaneously wound onto a cardboard core, for total lengths of 25 to 250 metres.The completed "master" is as wide as the leaf (160 mm) and can in turn be cut into reels with a choice of sizes, starting from 10 mm;
  • Clipboards or cards: these contains 50 or 100 leaves interspersed with tissue paper and packed in packages up to 1,000 leaves maximum;
  • Schabin-Fiocco: these are loose leaves almost whole and sold by weight;
  • Tamise: these are small fragments of loose leaves, medium or large, sold by weight;
  • Abburstig: metal fragments with a small size of circa 2 mm, sold by weight.

For more details, please refer to the relevant sections on the website, which explain the main features of each leaf pack.

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