Silver alloy

Silver is a very ductile and malleable metal, slightly harder than gold, with a white metallic lustre that is accentuated by polishing.This has the greatest electrical conductivity of all metals, even exceeding copper which is more widely used due to its lower cost.

Silver is stable in pure airaand pure water, but darkens when exposed to ozone, sulphuric acid and air containing traces of sulphur compounds.Its high ductility and malleability allows one to manufacture leaf thickness of about 0.25 microns (0.00025 mm).There are various techniques for applying the leaves: from the oldest, which is called "gouache", to the latest which uses passage through water( "water missions") and those that use grease ( "fat missions").

As we have already had occasion to observe, these leaves are sensitive to moisture and the presence of sulphur-based pollutants: it is adviseable to store them inside the original sealed packaging, away from sunlight and at ambient temperature (recommended 18-23 ° C).

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